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Undergraduate Minor Certificate

Students may apply for a certificate in African Studies. Requirements for the certificate are the same as for the minor; however, students may double-count courses applied toward their major or graduate studies. The certificate in African Studies is issued by the Program in African Studies and will not appear on any University record, including the student’s transcript.

The Center for African Studies seeks to specifically acknowledge Stanford students who choose to take our courses which cover a wide, interdisciplinary range of topics relating to Africa. The certificate in African Studies is an interdisciplinary program that allows the participating student the opportunity to select relevant courses in various departments according to his or her interests.

Learning Outcomes

The Certificate in African Studies enables students to:

  1. develop critical knowledge and skills in African Studies
  2. organize their interest in Africa into a coherent course of study through directed mentorship and participation in an intellectual community
  3. prepare for research, study, or service in Africa